Raymond T. Murphy – Chief Risk Officer

Responsible for monitoring investment exposure for all Nautical products; co-portfolio manager for all Nautical investment management products; Chairman of new product and capital markets…
Past experience:  

- Began his career trading a proprietary arbitrage program he developed for Intermarket Management in the CRB Index futures which were introduced at the New York Futures Exchange in June of 1986.  Managed $15m in this strategy.

- In 1991, he developed the Investable Commodity Index (ICI), a long only commodity index investment product.  The ICI, along with the CRB Index and the new Goldman Sachs Commodity Index were written up in a groundbreaking paper  by Frank Russell on the benefits of commodities as an asset class. 

- In 1992 Mr. Murphy started RTM Management, a Commodity Trading Advisor and commodity investment consulting firm.  He provided consulting services to several large institutional clients on the benefits of commodity based investment and trading strategies. 

- Was the primary architect of the major restructuring of the CRB Index, the most widely recognized commodity benchmark, for Bridge Information Systems.  He also designed the total return measurement for the CRB in order to allow for investors to properly examine the overall benefits associated with a passive long investment in the index. 

- In 2001, designed what eventually became the S&P Commodity Indices.  These indices introduced a market capitalization weighting scheme to the commodity index marketplace as well as offering three different calculation methodologies (arithmetic, geometric, and replication).  The S&P Commodity Index series offered potential investors a robust and more representative commodity index product to gain exposure to this asset class. 

 - From 2004 to June of 2006 he was involved in the development of an option trading system which managed funds in equity and commodity markets.  During this period he also developed the Active Commodity Indices (ACI©). In September of 2006 he went to work for Graham Capital Management, a large hedge fund in Rowayton, CT. Here he managed funds in equity index, interest rate and commodity futures and options based on proprietary models he developed as well as funds dedicated to the ACI.  During his tenure he managed in excess of $550 million in these programs. 

- Mr. Murphy received a BS degree in Finance from Fairfield University in 1982

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